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Love reading the latest book on American history?  Want to share your nerdy passion for the American Revolution?  This book club is for you! These casual and insightful meetings discuss classic themes, the narrative of history and all things related to the American Revolutionary era. 

We will meet quarterly January, April, July, and October at 6:00pm at Fraunces Tavern Museum.

Everyone is welcome to join! Annual Club membership is $15.  Museum members at the Spymaster Circle level and higher can join for free just email exd@frauncestavernmuseum.org


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2018 Book Club Schedule

Fall - October 16
The Martyr and the Traitor Virginia DeJohn Anderson

Nathan Hale, hanged as a spy by the British, is remembered as a Revolutionary hero. Moses Dunbar, executed as a loyalist traitor to the state of Connecticut, is virtually unknown. Despite their divergent historical reputations, Anderson considers how their stories are not so different, and together can illuminate important features of the impact of the Revolution on ordinary lives.


Some of our Book Club selections have been included in our Evening Lecture Series!
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