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Want to add to your collection of American History souvenirs? Need a gift for that special history buff in your life? There's something for everyone in our gift shop! Browse our selection below.


Holiday Ornaments

Porcelain Farewell Ornament

Porcelain Fraunces Tavern Ornament

Pewter Fraunces Tavern Ornament

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Pewter Figurines

Small Revolutionary Soldier

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Paul Revere on Horse

Paul Revere on Rearing Horse

Militia Man
$20.00 each

Museum Apparel

Samuel Fraunces Hat
$15.00 each

Declaration of Independence Ties (Red, Gold, Navy, Light Blue)
$40.00 each

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Fraunces Tavern Collectibles

Fraunces Tavern Spoon
$10.00 each

George Washington Magnet
$4.00 each

Spirit of ’76 Mug
$10.00 each

Fraunces Tavern Keychain $7.00


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Educational Materials

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Early American Taverns: For the Entertainment of Friends and Strangers
By: Kim S. Rice

Fraunces Tavern Museum Intro DVD
$16.00 each