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December 6, 2018

Dr. Mary Stockwell discusses “Mad” Anthony Wayne; a womanizer, heavy drinker, and spend-thrift who had suffered a mental and physical breakdown fighting in the last days of the Revolution. But Washington took a chance on Wayne and the rest is history.


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November 8, 2018

Smith reveals how the American Revolution was not only for liberty and freedom, but also a revolution of ethics; reshaping what colonial Americans understood as “honor” and “virtue.” 



October 11, 2018

Shankman argues that colonists in the 1760s were proudly British, and that this pride led to a surprisingly disruptive and violent Revolution.



September 19, 2018

Author Joyce Malcolm explores America’s most infamous turn coat, Benedict Arnold and embark on a re-examination of one of the most complicated figures of the Revolutionary War.


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September 6, 2018

Berkin takes a look at the challenges faced in the first decade of the federal government and the national identity forged during these extraordinary years of crisis.


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August 23, 2018

Author David M. Griffin discusses the network of fortifications on Long Island covered within his book and describes more details regarding his research on a few of the key posts on the island. Learn about new and ongoing research within the inner city areas of Brooklyn and Queens.


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July 19, 2018

Nathan Hale, hanged as a spy by the British, is remembered as a Revolutionary hero. Moses Dunbar, executed as a loyalist traitor to the state of Connecticut, is virtually unknown. Despite their divergent historical reputations, Anderson considers how their stories can illuminate important features of the impact of the Revolution on ordinary lives.


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June 28, 2018

Rediker explores the life of Benjamin Lay, the Quaker dwarf who was one of the first people to call for the immediate and unconditional abolition of slavery worldwide.

This book is on the 2018 Fraunces Tavern Museum Book Club schedule.


April 26, 2018

In this lecture, author and historian Kevin Gutzman argues that Thomas Jefferson should be remembered more for his success as a constructive statesman than for his authorship of the Declaration of Independence.


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March 8, 2018


Learn about the remarkable story of John Marshall who, as chief justice, statesman, and diplomat, played a pivotal role in the founding of the United States.


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February 22, 2018

Unger will describe the life and career of Richard Henry Lee, the first Founding Father to call for American Independence from Britain. Learn about how Lee masterminded the political and diplomatic victories that ensured Washington’s military victory.

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January 25, 2018 

Lengel provides a look at how George Washington’s entrepreneurship and understanding of money informed his leadership as a general and president, and helped set the United States on the road to prosperity.