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To sustain our mission for future generations, the Sons of the Revolution℠ in the State of New York, Inc. has started a capital campaign with the goal of increasing the Society’s Endowment Funds to $10 million by 2026, the nation’s 250th Anniversary in 2026. The Society’s Endowments were established for the purpose of ensuring the preservation of our historic buildings, as well as support the Museum and educational outreach efforts. To participate in the 250th Anniversary Campaign, you can either donate to the Building Maintenance Endowment Fund or The Museum Endowment Fund.

  • Building Maintenance Endowment Fund
    Provides essential support to enable the Society to maintain the Fraunces Tavern Museum complex.

  • The Museum Endowment Fund
    Provides vital funding for the Museum’s programs and activities.

To be part of the 250th Anniversary Campaign,
please contact Diego Foronda, Development Officer, at 212-425-1778, x225

250th Anniversary Campaign Donors


 $100,000 +
Robert Newton McKay, Esq.

$10,000 +
The Elizabeth and Stanley D. Scott Foundation, Inc.
Peter C. Hein, Esq.
George Gardner Watson                              

$1,000 +
Kenneth H. Chase
Matthew Clark Norgard
Andrew Wright Russell 

$100 + 
William Paret Boswell, Esq.
Daniel T. L. Coleman      
F. Daniel Le Vert Coleman
Philip Coombe, Jr.
Thomas S. Crain
Harden Lake Crawford III
Nathaniel B. Day
Warren Edwin Diefendorf III
Warren Edwin Diefendorf IV
George Espy Doty III
Hugh Nelson Dyer III
Hon. James Raymond Grayshaw
Ferdinand Travis Hopkins IV       
Dr. Robert Bruce Johnson
Donald Terry MacLeod, Jr.
Raymond J. Manning     
Martinus H. Nickerson  
Stephen M. Noonan      
Christopher McCulloch Norfleet
David W. Norgard
Donald Mark Phillips
William Burpee Richards
Thomas G. Schafer         
Peter Sherwin


Up to $100
Dr. Carter Grant Abel     
William Pierrepont Bartow         
George Y. Bramwell, Esq.
Mead L. Briggs
Michael P. Coneys          
Paul Henry Dietrich         
Scott Michael Dwyer
Hugh Nelson Dyer IV      
Thomas Clifton Etter, Jr.
John K. Fitch III
Alfred Baker Gates
James Watson Gerard V
Brendan C. Hemp
Donald Cresson Hoehn 
Charles M. Hug
Dean Aaron Mathis
James O. Pasciuti
Coulter K. Richardson, Esq.
Danforth W. Rogers
John Kelly Sager               
Joseph Hugh Smith
Joel Edward Strauch
Peter A. Trundle
William W. Zimmer