Gifts of Securities

Gifts of securities often confer significant tax benefits on a donor. Gifts of publicly traded securities that have appreciated in value allow you to claim a charitable deduction for the full market value of the securities on the date the gift is made. Gifts of securities are also not subject to the capital gains tax. Securities can be transferred to the Museum in a variety of ways. 

Life Income Plans

Life income plans can be an excellent way to support the Museum while ensuring your own financial future or that of your loved ones. You can make a gift to FTM through a Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Gift Annuity that will pay your and/or another beneficiary's annual income for life. At the death of the last income beneficiary, the remaining principal is transferred to the Museum. 

Gifts of Real Estate

Real estate is a versatile asset. Whether it is a personal home, vacation home, undeveloped property, or a farm, it can be contributed in many different ways that are highly effective. One way to make a gift of real estate is to use the property as a way to fund a trust that makes payments back to the organization. It can also be given as an outright gift. 

Life Insurance

Life insurance is both easy to give and receive making it an ideal planned giving gift. To learn about the tax consequences to the donor, appraisal guidelines and how to set-up the administrative procedures to pay the premiums please contact the Executive Director, Jessica B. Phillips at 212-425-1776.


A gift from your estate in the form of cash, securities, or other property made through your estate plans is an excellent way to participate in the Planned Giving Program. Remembering the Museum with a bequest will help sustain and strengthen the mission for years to come. Estate plans should be prepared by and with the advice of an attorney to ensure that your intentions are carried out. 

Retirement Plans & IRAs

Giving from your retirement plan as part of your estate plan can be a tax-efficient and simple way to include the Museum in your estate plan. You can also give currently from your IRA. Since FTM is a non-profit, we will not pay income tax on the distribution nor will the gift be subject to estate tax. 

Charitable Lead Trusts

A charitable lead trust is a unique way of giving. It can be used to transfer assets to children or others at a significantly reduced tax liability. The trust makes a fixed payment to the Museum for a specific term, measured either by someone’s life or a selected number of years. After the term ends, the assets of the trust are either returned to you or passed on to the beneficiaries. A charitable lead trust can be a powerful tool in planned giving.

Other - Arts & Antiques

An often overlooked way to support the Planned Giving Program is through the donation of art and antiques of no mission-related value. The pieces are given to the Museum with the plan to have them sold and the proceeds of the sale returned to the Museum. 

To learn more about any of the aforementioned types of support, please contact the Development Officer, Diego Foronda at (212) 425-1776 x225.