Youth Remembers 9/11 / Heroes of the Revolution / William Floyd’s House of Revolution / Rating the Attic: A Crowdsourced  Exhibit / Give Me Liberty / Defining Lines: Maps from the 1700s & Early 1800s / Keeping the Revolution Alive: The John Ward Dunsmore Collection / Lafayette


Colonists, Revolutionaries, Builders: Freemasons in American / Washington at War / Surviving and Thriving during the Revolution: New York Battles Back / Fraunces Tavern: Forging a New Nation / Street Names / Fraunces Tavern Museum: A Treasure Trove of History 1904-2004 / John Jay, a New Yorker Who Changed the Nation / Fighting for Freedom: Black Patriots & Black Loyalists / 54 Pearl Street: If these Walls Could Talk / New York Waterways: Mixed Media Artwork by Members of the Salamagundi Club NY in Recognition of the 400th Anniversary of the Dutch Settlement of Manhattan / Magna Carta & the Foundations of Freedom / Revolution in the City


Come All You Gallant Heroes: The World of the Revolutionary Soldier / To Please Every Taste: 18th Century Prints from the Winterthur Museum / Picturing History: American Painting 1770-1930 / Perpetual Campaign: Making of the People’s President / Ice Cream for All! / George! / A Lot of Sundries: Selections from the Fraunces Tavern Museum Collection / Climbing Jacob’s Ladder: The Rise of Black Churches in Eastern American Cities: 1740-1877 / The History of the Christmas Tree in American / Try This On: History of Clothing, Gender and Power / Myths of American History: Beyond the Cherry Tree / Seeds of Change: 500 Years of Encounter and Exchange / Much Depends on Dinner: Culinary Customs in Early New York / First & Second Wars of Independence: Prints from the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 from the Navy Art Collections / Scenes from City Sidewalks: Painting of New York by Hedy Pagremanski / Vote for President (of 1796) / Two Hundred Years of English Naive Art 1700-1900 / Reproducing the Past: The Colonial Revival Movement / Images of George Washington / Fraunces Tavern and World War I / When New York was British / All God’s Creatures: Man and Beast in Early American / Washington in Glory, America in Tears / Only Pleasure an American Knows: Politics to 1800

The Jewish Community in Early New York (1654-1800) / Tea: A Revolutionary Tradition / Freedom of the Press: The Anglo-American Struggle, 1644-1837 / American Architectural Etchers: The Traditionalists (1900-1940) / Twentieth Century Images of George Washington / American Icon: 18th Century Prints of George Washington / Hail Leviathan! /  Taverns: For the Entertainment of Friends and Strangers / Irish Silver from National Museum of Ireland / A Toast to Freedom: NY Celebrates Evacuation Day / City Streets: Paintings of NYC by Hedy Pagremanski / The Legacy of Lafayette / The Healing Arts in Early American / Foundation of Liberty: Funding the Pedestal of the Statue of Liberty / Capital City: New York After the Revolution / Tavern Revels / More Than a Work of Art: The Watercolors and Drawings of Harry A. Ogden / Education in the Young Republic / Changing Image of George Washington / To Establish Justice (The 200th Anniversary of US District Court) / Wall Street: Changing Fortunes



Revivals and Innovations in Nineteenth Century Chairs / First in the Hearts of his Countrymen / Sidewalk Superintendent: A Look at Building in America 1790-1830